Beautiful and permanent – A life long commitment.

The staff at Sherrington Jewellers will help you choose the perfect diamond for your ring or jewellery

At Sherrington’s Jewellers, we have a history of creating stunning custom engagement and wedding rings for our clients. 

With so many diamond options, it can help to have an expert to assist with your search. We have access to a wide range of diamonds that can be used as the centre piece of your ring or custom jewellery. 

We provide high quality diamonds, certified by the most well known, and most trusted labs in the entire world to our fantastic and dedicated customers.

Our range includes all shapes and sizes as well as a variety of colours and clarities to suit your needs.

All the diamonds that we stock are hand-picked by our New Zealand based diamond suppliers families and associates to ensure excellence in all aspects of the stone. 

All our diamonds are sourced from the top companies in the world and are conflict-free.